Cherwell College Oxford

Cherwell College Oxford is a private pre-university college that prepares future students of prestigious educational institutions according to the A-level program. Thanks to the successfully passed A-level exam, your child will have the opportunity to enter any university in the world where the result of this exam is required. Cherwell College Oxford embodies the best British education system has to offer.

Cherwell College Oxford uses traditional Oxbridge methods of teaching: workshops and lectures are given in small groups. Thus the college develops the individual potential of each student and fosters in everyone the ability to adapt quickly to the trends of rapidly changing world.

Cherwell teaching methods embraces comprehensively the curriculum, facilitates discussions in the group, allowing every student to understand a certain topic and apply that understanding in exams.

Students’ parents can also regularly see their offsprings’ progress in the mentor’s monthly reports.

More information can be found in the recording of the conference with university representatives.