Telesens Academy was founded in 1998 and for many years has been positioned as one of the first school of non-formal education in Kharkiv. This is the school which trains specialists, who changing their profession become testers and business analytics.

This is incredible opportunity for people to change their profession and for IT industry, to reduce the shortage of personal in the market. That’s why we consider being experts as we have many years of training experience and market understanding. We expend and promote quality education. We are opening a fundamentally new development with our motto “Education without borders”.

“Telesens online” is a project which helps people to obtain high-quality European education in different countries.

Why us? Because we are expertise in quality education as well as online education and we are willing to share our experience with you!

You may ask, is it possible to provide the quality of European education through online educational program? The answer is: “Yes” as it has been globally implemented for several years by other educational establishments. And we are ready to join this process.

The main advantage of our online program is a real-time live communication with the lecturers, we don’t use recorded lectures. This is the great opportunity to improve the level of spoken English as well as to get up-to-date knowledge.

So is it possible to get a bachelor’s degree and study at the same time at a foreign university?
That is precisely what we are focused on! You will get an European diploma while studying at any Ukrainian university.

We are your guide to the world of foreign education!

What are the college admission requirements? What should be the GPA? What documents are needed?

Три самых популярных профессиональных направления — техническое, гуманитарное и бизнес. Мы выбрали эти There are three the most popular professional areas: technical, humanitarian, and business. We have chosen these fields as they allow you to enter most universities with technical specialties. You can also choose higher mathematics, economics, history of England, politics, psychology, physics, chemistry, biology. Medicine, jurisprudence, psychology are possible for highly motivated students.

What additional exams do I need to take? Does Telesens online help with them?

Для обучения на программе A-level Вам необходимо предоставить подтверждение владения To study at the A-level program, you need to provide proof of proficiency in academic English at least at level B2/C1 under condition that you haven’t previously studied or completed an academic program in the UK.

  • Mathematics test: The Mathematics Entrance Test (MAT) and Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP) for applying to study mathematics courses at the University of Oxford and Cambridge, respectively. SAT and ACT for the USA universities.
  • An interview with a student and his(her) parent
  • English level certificate

Entrance tests for the A-level course will be sent after payment conformation of the registration fee.

What if I don’t get admission to Oxford or Cambridge?

Поэтапная проработка с учеником и родителями процедуры выбораYou will get step by step student-parent assistance in choosing a university in case of non-admission to the desired one according with the score points gained at our A-level program, with our working group and through Clearing program.
How intense will the program be? What do the program structure and the home tasks system look like?

  • The program itself consists of three terms (Michaelmas, Hilary, Trinity).
  • One trimester lasts for 10-13 weeks, depending on the chosen schedule.
  • There are 10 academic hours in each week
  • An estimated timetable: on Mondays and on Tuesdays 3 hours, and on Saturdays 4 hours.

What does the grading system look like? How are the trimester tests and final exams held?

The tests are written monthly in assimilation material report form.
ICO exams (mock exams) – three times altogether: one at the end of each term.
The final exam can be taken at the end of the first year as well as at the end of the second year (CIE exam board), and it can be retaken an unlimited number of time.
The final exam is taken only offline in two different locations: at Cherwell College, Oxford or at British Council – an organization specialized in providing and developing cultural and educational opportunities. It has representatives in over 100 countries all over the world.

How can a parent track a student’s progress?

A letter with a brief report description of a student’s progress provided monthly.
If deterioration in academic performance occurs, a student-curator meeting is called (with the possibility of a parent’s presence) plus parents can get a copy of this meeting protocol.
In addition to that, there is a report at the end of each term (similar to a quarterly report).

Where can I find reviews?


How are the classes organized? How will teachers monitor students online?

Формат обучения предполагает индивидуальное общение либо в малых группах. ОпытнIndividual approach in small groups is provided. Students are motivated and taught by experienced lecturers. Students’ pro active way of thinking is developing by multifaceted system of education which consists of different classes, seminars and varieties of projects.

Why is it better for me to contact Telesens online?

We provide a full support for students who apply to us. We organize the entire process from the correct documents submission, and pre-enrolment testing of the chosen university.

What are the fields of studying at the University?

Университет Витаутаса Великого – это 19 академических подVytautas the Great University is situated in 6 institutes. It has 19 academic divisions with diversity of faculties, including a music academy, an institute of foreign languages. The University has 25 educational programs in English (9 bachelor’s, 16 master’s) and more than 500 courses in English.

How early do I need to start preparing for admission?

It all depends on a specific individual. On average, the preparation admission program is designed for two years.

Will it be possible to get a master’s degree after a bachelor’s one?

Yes, it is possible, as well as, there is an opportunity to attend separate courses with the issuance of a diploma.

Is it possible to go directly to the University after finishing the first semester online? How much will it cost? Who organize this process?

Yes, it is possible to organize studying at the University. The cost of this service will be negotiated individually.

What are the program age requirements?

The participant should be at least 15 years old.

What are the advantages for those who received British or Lithuanian education?

Nowadays, this is a global trend. A graduate of an international university is always in demand. Specialists with international diplomas are of great value in the labor market.

How is the support and guidance of students carried out in the educational process?

We provide a curator who deals with organizational issues. He is the one who communicates with teachers, parents and university authorities.